Bastal Sp. z o. o. buys in bulk steel and cast iron scrap
from all Poland and also from neighboring states.

Steel and cast iron scrap:

  • feedstock scrap W1-W7
  • fine scrap shavings W13
  • non-feedstock scrap N1, N4, N5, N7, N10 for processing
  • post- production scrap
  • rail scrap (rails, axis, wheels)
  • post-amortized scrap

Scrap and rate steel waste:

  • parched carbon
  • galvanic processes waste
  • rate shavings
  • brass and band scrap
  • scrap pipes
  • scrap heatresistant and toolmaker steel
  • bulb fibre, metalled dust and splinter

  • beneficial, individually negotiated prices

  • payment on time, stable trade conditions

  • efficient and professional service

  • long-term cooperation

  • scrap collection by private vehicles or trains

  • private containers

  • we are able to process big metal constructions

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